31 Mar 2014

Talks/Seminars/Conferences around Cambridge in March 2014

The last two weeks of March are busy with the Global Consulting Project, which I will make a separate post later on after finishing it. Through the Michaelmas and Lent term, I've joined 74 talks, which goes beyond my original target of 60 up to the end of Lent tem.

King's College view from punting when good old friends visited Cambridge

The best this month was The myth of common sense by Duncan Watts. I read his book in Japanese, and found this seminar here a few days before coincidently. He emphasises a lot unpredictability of complexities under highly networked and heavily interlinked phenomenons. The key takeaway to me is to limit areas where our common sense works well, especially to halt political and policy decisions by common sense.

This site (Everything is Obvious) tells more, or the book itself.

Full List
  • #66 MBA Leadership Talk: MSCI ++
  • #67 The myth of common sense (Duncan Watts) ++++++
  • #68 The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets ++++
  • #69 Robin Ince is (in and) out of his mind. ++
  • #70 Frankenstein 2.0 ++++
  • #71 Transmissible cancers in dogs and Tasmanian devils ++++
  • #72 Making machine see +++
  • #73 Mind over matter +++
  • #74 The impact of mobile technologies on healthcare +++

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