10 Jan 2014

Three exams for the Michaelmas courses are done anyway

Three exams on Corporate Finance, Accounting II, and Organisational Behaviour are anyway done. My confidence is:
  • Corporate Finance: probably better than average, despite the entire Q4 of 10 marks skipped
  • Accounting II: better than average, especially for questions on pension benefit obligations (Q1) and accounting regulation changes (Q2)
  • Organisational Behaviour: surely lower than average yet hopefully over 50 marks, as time spent too much on culture (Q2) and thus less on leadership (Q1), even both culture and leadership questions are expected beforehand
Whatever the results will be, it's over and thus no sense to reflect back now as it became sunk. After all, 2013 Michaelmas term ended officially for MBA students. Now I should focus on future: preparing an entrepreneurial project and MPhil applications.

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