30 Sep 2013

The target of participating 100 talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge

In order to expand and shape my curiosity beyond the MBA course, I set myself a target to participate 100 talks/seminars/conferences within a year: 30 in Michaelmas, 30 in Lent, 30 in Easter, 10 in Summer.

The number of + after each talk/seminar means point out of five grades.
  • +++++ Great inspiring person(s); expanded my horizons; felt like pursuing the way 
  • ++++ Something new to me; stimulative and/or provocative contents.
  • +++ Good enough: helped me re-structure my thoughts and knowledge.
  • ++ Boring; fallen asleep
  • + Disappointed; was about to or did escape

23 Sep 2013

Cambridge MBA has just started!!

The Cambridge MBA course at Judge Business School just started today!!

In front of Judge Business School building, with all MBA students.
Cocktail party at the first day.