13 Jul 2014

The Centre for Computing History

The voluntarily-run museum is a bit away from the city centre, but really worth visiting if you play with computers such as:
Punch cards for the IBM computers in the 70s
MSX by Toshiba in 1984
The 'Woz Edition' Apple II GS
NES playing the Super Mario Bros!!
Family Computer we played a lot when elementary school. 
Yet, do not use a laptop too long in the restroom :-)

7 Jul 2014

Photos de Le Tour de France 2014 via Cambridge

Sidney Street, Cambridge
A few hours to the start
Almost there!!
They have come through!! 
The Team Sky car got the SKY numberplate.
Crowded in front of the King's College Chapel.
Crowded in front of the King's College Chapel.
Still lots of people around the Magdalen Bridge

4 Jul 2014

Photos from Health Trek in London

A good sunny day at London!!
10 Downing, London (outside the street)
10 Downing, London (inside the street)
Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
London Eye and Big Ben
Contrail and the tower
The London Bridge
The Tower Bridge
The Tower of London

1 Jul 2014

Half-year reflection of 2014 Targets and its revision

The first half of 2014 is over; now is the time for self-reflection. Looking back what I've promised as 2014 Targets,
  1. Grow peppermint: tried but unfortunately eaten by snails... (50%)
  2. Practice golfing: went two games, with the best score of 154 (75%)
  3. Complete the Cambridge MBA course: obtained the Lent term average mark of slightly over 70, largely thanks to the efforts made for the Global Consulting Project (80%; yet final marks are to be confirmed within a few months) 
  4. Write its final dissertation among economics, corporate governance, and network theory: this should be completed in the coming months [TBD]
  5. Confirm a place on MPhil in behavioural science, social science, or economics: still waiting; this should have been confirmed by the end of June [TBD]
  6. Draft a story of Science Fiction in my native tongue: nothing progressed (0%)
Overall, the Lent term plus GCP (Jan - Apr) was the time of studying hard, and finally the Easter term with many electives gave me room for doing other stuff.

My revised goals for the 2H 2014 are:
  1. Keep exercise every week, possibly golfing and swimming; 
  2. Complete the Cambridge MBA with writing up the final dissertation on 'innovation and corporate governance' (with the aim of achieving the Best MBA Dissertation Award);
  3. Confirm a place, likely in London, for researching management in the UK while working on the entrepreneurial project with the guys from the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge;
  4. Draft a story of Science Fiction.
Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK