23 Mar 2014

A trip to Oslo, Norway for Cambridge MBA's Global Consulting Project (GCP)

I started working on an one-month consulting project with a client from Oslo, Norway. Of course I cannot disclose the details due to the non-disclosure agreement, but it is exciting because the scope of the project is a mixture of macro and micro economic perspectives with an aspiration to grow into a global economic cluster. To grasp the ecosystem and issues there, the team is invited to do around 20 interviews with various players in Oslo, which is a small but neat and modern city.
A view over Fjord from the Oslo City Hall, Norway
This is also a lucky opportunity for me because I've been wondering when I should go there and visit the Munch Museum, who is my second favorite now next to Van Gogh. Unfortunately, the museum has been closed until early April, yet we very much enjoyed some masterpieces in the National Museum, including the most famous 'Scream' painting. Yet, I preferred 'the Dance of Life' (below) to 'the Scream' for some reason which I cannot explain in a word.
The Life of Dance by E.Munch
Although having said that, we visited the location where Munch got his inspiration on 'the Scream'. It was really a beautiful scenery in the sunset and thus contrasted the screaming craziness inside the artist.
The place of his great inspiration (a few minutes from Bus station Brannfjellveien
This was a very good exercise since it was on the way up to a hill of artistic park with funny modern arts presented. One example is this shape of love. There are a lot of sculptures on the streets of Oslo, which I would assume reflects their positive attitude to arts and/or affluent money from oil to make something for public.

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