13 Dec 2013

Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in December 2013

The best of this month: "The Flawed Dominance of Economics: Engaging other Social Sciences in Government". My key takeaway is that the combination of economics and social science (e.g. Psychology, Behaviour Science, Sociology, Criminology, etc.) can be intriguing to me. Or, I would like to challenge the Economics from a different perspective and tools, not limited within the conventional Economics.
The Keynes Lecture Theatre, Kings' College, Cambridge
The second best: Neuroscience clash course. My key takeaway is that I am not so super interested in the actual functions of the nerve system in the body; rather I am much interested how we interpret the surface meanings and interact with each other, and thus how the overall ecosystem of human beings works.

As the first week was the end of Full Term of Michaelmas, there were not much although I overachieved the target by over 50%(!), with the participation target of more than 30 talks/seminars/conference in this term.

On top, I now feel that I am grasping what I would like to invest my time in next year. It's been a very effective decision to test my interests by listening to various topics beyond the ordinal MBA course, even from time to time some were very hard to be understood.

The full list of talks/seminars:
  • #041 Neuroscience Clash Course (2) Glia = Glue ++++
  • #042 London Business School Global Healthcare Conference 2013 +++
  • #043 Neuroscience Clash Course (3) Neurons +++
  • #044 The Flawed Dominance of Economics: Engaging other Social Sciences in Government +++++
  • #045 i-Teams Michaelmas 2013 final presentations +++

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