13 Dec 2013

Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in December 2013

The best of this month: "The Flawed Dominance of Economics: Engaging other Social Sciences in Government". My key takeaway is that the combination of economics and social science (e.g. Psychology, Behaviour Science, Sociology, Criminology, etc.) can be intriguing to me. Or, I would like to challenge the Economics from a different perspective and tools, not limited within the conventional Economics.
The Keynes Lecture Theatre, Kings' College, Cambridge
The second best: Neuroscience clash course. My key takeaway is that I am not so super interested in the actual functions of the nerve system in the body; rather I am much interested how we interpret the surface meanings and interact with each other, and thus how the overall ecosystem of human beings works.

As the first week was the end of Full Term of Michaelmas, there were not much although I overachieved the target by over 50%(!), with the participation target of more than 30 talks/seminars/conference in this term.

On top, I now feel that I am grasping what I would like to invest my time in next year. It's been a very effective decision to test my interests by listening to various topics beyond the ordinal MBA course, even from time to time some were very hard to be understood.

The full list of talks/seminars:
  • #041 Neuroscience Clash Course (2) Glia = Glue ++++
  • #042 London Business School Global Healthcare Conference 2013 +++
  • #043 Neuroscience Clash Course (3) Neurons +++
  • #044 The Flawed Dominance of Economics: Engaging other Social Sciences in Government +++++
  • #045 i-Teams Michaelmas 2013 final presentations +++

11 Dec 2013

Two assignments done; now is the time to relax and think over the future.

Overall, two presentations on this Monday and Tuesday went well.
After completing one presentation, from the riverside terrace of the Anchor, Cambridge

The first one was quite similar to my previous job in management consulting; yet the second one was more challenging because it was talking about a bit unfamiliar technology to around 50 people, most of whom I don't know, including a bunch of angel investors/serial entrepreneurs; however, I surprisingly did a good job at the latter one, maybe thanks to some confidence that has been developed through these months.
A certificate of completion of i-Teams at Cambridge University

Anyway, after one essay for Management Practice and one in-class assignment for Management Science (Statistics), will arrive the end of this term (and the Christmas break).

8 Dec 2013

The end of Full Term...now four assignments to go!!

This Friday was the final day of Full Term in Michaelmas...not much sentiment as I still have four assignments to go within 10 days:

  • Conduct the final presentation of Cambridge Venture Project 
  • Conduct the in-trim presentation of i-Teams Plus
  • Complete the essay for Management Practice; and
  • Crack the in-class group exam of Management Science.

  • What's more, I have to start preparing for a fruitful next year, namely:

  • Reach out leads for Global Consulting Project in Lent term;
  • Prepare for the examinations in January: Accounting II, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behaviour; and
  • Initiate preparatory actions for the application of another master course in social science: 

    1. Contact a few professors at Judge; 
    2. Seek related academic opportunities in/out Cambridge; 
    3. Consult with senior mentors on this choice 
    4. Prepare hypothetical thoughts on the subject for the summer dissertation and check research already completed in the past.
    The last point is quite crucial in a sense to go for the future. The winter vacation should not be so easy. :-p 

    7 Dec 2013

    Photos of Christmas Market at Lincoln

    It was a very good Christmas market indeed, even comparable to those in Germany. Yet I have to admit that food in Germany Christmas market was much better than here, to be honest. :-p
    Park and Ride from/to the Christmas Market at Lincoln (~10min by bus, which goes every 5-10 min) 
    Christmas Market and the Lincoln Cathedral on the back 
    Christmas Market and the Lincoln Castle on the back
    One phrase from the famous Magna-Carta at Lincoln Cathedral 
    A mysterious night and the moon, over the Lincoln Castle

    1 Dec 2013

    Finally December...yet almost only one week to go!!

    Only one week to go. To-dos of this week (on top of usual dull lectures) are to
    • Crack past exams of Accounting and Corporate Finance, to raise questions to lectures;
    • Apply to i-Teams 2014 Lent on Commercialising a point-of-care blood testing system;
    • Learn from Neuroscience Clash Course;
    • Join the Global Healthcare Conference at LBS;
    • Enjoy Cambridge Corn Exchange: FOUR SEASONS BY CANDLELIGHT;
    • Decide the next Lent term electives: candidates are Philosophy in Business, Strategic Pricing, The International Film Business, and Strategic Performance Management; 
    • Submit the assignment of Organizational Behaviour, by polishing other team members' work;
    • Enjoy Christmas Dinner at St. Edmund's College;
    • Submit application to Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition;
    • Finalize presentations of Cambridge Venture Project and another entrepreneurial project; and
    • Initiate the essay for Management Practice, at least 250 words;
    Wow, surprisingly a lot to do for next week. I have to be intentionally productive and efficient then.
    On the contrary, to-dos for the next week from 9th Dec are not many, including:
    • Conduct aforementioned presentations (mentioned above);
    • Reach out leads for Global Consulting Project in Lent term;
    • Finalize the essay for Management Practice, up to 2,500 words (a lot more to mention); and
    • Prepare for the in-class group exam of Management Science (Easy!).

    30 Nov 2013

    Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in November 2013

    What a pleasure to learn something new or get stimulations in such a traditional atmosphere.

    The best of this month: "Neuroscience Clash Course (1) The organisation of the brain."
    Sidgwick Site, Lecture Block
    The second best: " This house would retroactively strip Obama of the Nobel peace prize."
    The Chamber of the Cambridge Union Society
    ...and "SVC2UK 2013:  Transformation of Healthcare" and "Communicating risk and scientific uncertainty" were the second best too.

    The full list of talks/seminars:
    • #019 Inaugural Dinner Meeting of the Cambridge Judge Business School Wittgenstein Society ++++
    • #020 Border crossings: in the light of history ++
    • #021 Land of silence and darkness: a film by Werner Herzog ++++
    • #022 How can mice using iPads help cure Alzheimer’s disease? +++
    • #023 SVC2UK 2013:  JBS Masterclasses +++
    • #024 SVC2UK 2013:  Transformation of Healthcare +++++
    • #025 The Economics of Electricity Storage for Renewable Electricity Generation: A German Case +++
    • #026 The cultured chimpanzee: nonsense or breakthrough? ++++
    • #027 Venture Capital and Knowledge Transfer +++
    • #028 Behavioural Insights in Finance / Graphical Displays on Investment Risk Appetite. ++
    • #029 Communicating risk and scientific uncertainty +++++
    • #030 Digital Connectivity in Cities: The Role of Policy +
    • #031 Are you your brain? ++++
    • #032 This house would retroactively strip Obama of the Nobel peace prize, at CUS +++++
    • #033 Information storage in DNA ++++
    • #034 Decoding human genomes on a population scale: solexa/illumina sequencing +++
    • #035 Transformation of India's Security Exchange +++
    • #036 Nanotechnology in medicine, run by OBR ++++
    • #037 Economics was useless during the financial crisis. What can be done? ++++
    • #038 Mathys & Squire's IP workshop, run by CUTEC ++
    • #039 Neuroscience Clash Coruse (1) The organisation of the brain. +++++
    • #040 Academic English Writing Seminar ++++

    25 Nov 2013

    University of Cambridge Training, or how I encounter the Neuroscience Clash Course

    There are a lot of training courses available for students in the University of Cambridge. The website will help you search suitable ones for you. This is how I joined the Neuroscience Clash Course, which is a 2 hours x 3 days introductory course to neuroscience by the great lecturers at the University of Cambridge. It was fur worth than a boring accounting course.

    21 Nov 2013

    A few key words for stepping into 2014

    I came up with some keywords for further steps in next year:
    • Neuroscience: my mind is more than my brain, and cannot be detached from my bloody body.
    • Network theory: small-worldness is a effective way to see the world to control a desirable change. 
    • Artificial Intelligence: people's ideas will be soon combined with information flows over computers.
    • Limits of language: the limits do not necessarily mean the boundary of my world.
    • Contradictory, the power of a word: how a word can spell a blessing or curse on the life of a person.
    What I have found myself NOT in favour of any more:
    • Any project mostly based on way outside demand, unfortunately it is usually called "the client".
    • Too theoretical economic/management theories, with tons of equations to prove the bloody apparent facts if you work in the real world, or with superficial understanding of the complexity of every individual workers.
    • "Social enterprises" which just covertly makes entrepreneurs to be less rich or to be exploited by super-rich guys who built foundation.
    In a nutshell, I am interested in how people are, effectively or ineffectively, interlinked and organised with each other.

    18 Nov 2013

    Photos of Edinburg, Scotland

    Visited Edinburg for second time; first time for my wife. Short but very neat stay there.

    A Harry-Potter-like night, near from the Castle.
    A lady gazing at a man-sized bag: marketing campaigns by Rakuten.co.uk, an e-commerce site from Japan. 
    A fantastic sunny view from the Palace to the large "rock".
    We can overview the sea from the Royal mile, if the weather is sunny enough.

    The taste matrix of Scottish Whiskey: my once favorite Bowmore is positioned near "smokey" tag.

    Whiskey tasting competition; I got it right only one while my wife got a half right.

    15 Nov 2013

    8 weeks have passed since Cambridge MBA started

    Eight weeks already have passed since the course started. Amazingly, almost 3 weeks plus alpha (presentations and exams) to go, how quick this term passes!!

    What have I got and missed so far? Let me think it over slowly this weekend, with a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

    1 Nov 2013

    Waiting for Ludwig Wittgenstein

    The coincident, but actually quite intentional, Wittgenstein week:
      Ludwig Wittgenstein: Ein biographisches Album von Michael Nedo
    • On 26th Oct, joined a festival-of-ideas talk on "Do the limits of my language mean the boarder of my world?" Actually it was not about Wittgenstein, the talk was stimulating in a sense how the language shapes our/their world geographically. And, the actual geographical locality defines the language.
    • On 27th Oct, visited Wittgenstein's grave, together with the Japanese edition of "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" in my hand. Just before the dusk, my wife founded it. 
    • On 29th Oct, went through the original, printed in 1922, edition of "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" at the Cambridge University Library. To be honest, it was for the first time to read in English. I discovered more provocative notions inside the book. I will put here later on.
    • On 1st Nov, enjoyed discussion at the Inaugural Dinner Meeting of the Cambridge Judge Business School Wittgenstein Society, and even got a special present book (above; although mostly it is German)

    31 Oct 2013

    Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in October 2013

    "Boosting the brain: how far should we go?" at Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College
    The best of this month was  #007 Boosting the brain: how far should we go?: my key takeaway is that it is hard to differentiate technology and medicine from a perspective of enhancement of our capabilities.

    The second best was #001 Beating the Odds: Growing Biobusinesses Today: my key takeaway is that her/his spike in one area, neither her/his capability nor communication, makes her/him inspiring. In other words, the integrity between who and what is important.

    The full list of talks/seminars:

    • #001 Beating the Odds: Growing Biobusinesses Today +++++
    • #002 Forward genetic screening using patient CML cells identifies IKAROS as a myeloid tumour suppressor ++
    • #003 Paying for Improved Electricity Services in Developing Countries: Any Role for Previous Mitigation Action +++
    • #004 Unfriendly Creditors: Board Independence Increases after Loan Covenant Violations ++
    • #005 Planetary Boundaries: Ecological Foundations for Corporate Sustainability +++
    • #006 Is social equality necessary for development? ++++
    • #007 Boosting the brain: how far should we go? ++++
    • #008 Do the limits of my language mean the borders of my world? ++++
    • #009 Off the edge of history: the world in the 21st century +
    • #010 How to make smart decisions in a confusing world ++++
    • #011 Can Europe reproduce itself? Debating Europe’s fertility ++++
    • #012 THB research is better done in industry ++
    • #013 European budgetary politics, a Parliamentary Paradox? +++
    • #014 Cambridge Medical Frontiers: The history and future of the genome +++++
    • #015 ‘Voices Prophesying War’: Future War 1914-2014 +++
    • #016 James Mullinger presents … the man with no shame ++++
    • #017 Quantum frontiers +++++
    • #018 The EU’s foreign policy and soft power: too soft, and too little? — A talk by Professor Christopher Hill +++

    30 Sep 2013

    The target of participating 100 talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge

    In order to expand and shape my curiosity beyond the MBA course, I set myself a target to participate 100 talks/seminars/conferences within a year: 30 in Michaelmas, 30 in Lent, 30 in Easter, 10 in Summer.

    The number of + after each talk/seminar means point out of five grades.
    • +++++ Great inspiring person(s); expanded my horizons; felt like pursuing the way 
    • ++++ Something new to me; stimulative and/or provocative contents.
    • +++ Good enough: helped me re-structure my thoughts and knowledge.
    • ++ Boring; fallen asleep
    • + Disappointed; was about to or did escape

    23 Sep 2013

    Cambridge MBA has just started!!

    The Cambridge MBA course at Judge Business School just started today!!

    In front of Judge Business School building, with all MBA students.
    Cocktail party at the first day.

    1 Apr 2013

    Decision on where to go.

    I have decided to go to Cambridge MBA. Not April Fool :-)

    31 Mar 2013







    TOEFL iBT受験(目標111点*1)→未達成(100点、5月に再受験)



    TOEFL iBT受験(目標111点*1)→未達成(103点、8月に再受験)

    TOEFL iBT受験(目標110点*1)→未達成(101点、9月に再受験)

    TOEFL iBT受験(目標110点*1)→未達成だがOK(106点;TOEFL終了)

    エッセイカウセンリング#4: CJBS/OSBS向け→CJBSは概ね仕上がる、OSBSはブレインストーミングのみ実施

    Submission of LBS application to apply its first round(4日)→Submitted
    MBA at London Business School (LBS)
    1st 10/4, 2nd 1/3, 3rd 2/28, 4th 4/17

    Submission of CJBS application to apply its second round(16日)→Submitted
    Cambridge MBA Judge Business School
    1st 9/21, 2nd 11/16, 3rd 1/11, 4th 3/8,  5th 4/26
    Interview of LBS(後半)→Done

    CJBS Interview decision (21日前後→上旬に連絡)→Invited!!

    Submission of OSBS application to apply its 2nd round(11日)→3rd roundに延期
    Oxford Said Business School
    1st 10/12, 2nd 1/11, 3rd 3/8
    Interview Day of CJBS (21日)→Done


    Interview Day of OSIB (後半or4月前半の予定)→decided not to apply

    For my reference of other schools
    For 2013 intake, 1st 2/1, 2nd 4/1, 3rd 6/1, 4th 8/1, 5th 9/1

    IE Business School International MBA
    no clear deadline

    For September 2013 intake, 1st 10/3, 2nd 12/5, 3rd 3/13
    For January 2014 intake, 1st 4/3 2013, 2nd 6/12, 3rd 8/7



    *2 GMAT目標

    *3 IELTS目標
    2012/09 #
    2012/09 #

    23 Feb 2013






    • 賃金の上昇下落の非対称性は、皆で痛みを分かち合う方が人員削減よりよい、という社会通念によるものである。(雇用に対する社会通念)

    • そのような状況下でも大多数の従業員が退出オプションを事実上行使できないため賃金の下方硬直性が働かない。(労働市場の非効率)

    • だがそのような一律な人件費抑制を続ける企業は、ハイパフォーマーも等しく罰せられるから人材モラール低下につながり、大組織であることと相まってプロダクト・イノベーションが起きなくなり、結果、単価下落(プロセス・イノベーション)による競争に走る。(供給増<需要増となるようなプロダクト・イノベーションの減少)

    • そのような経営をおこなっている経営陣を監視すべき資本市場の反応としては、経営陣の交代を明確に訴えることは、普通株が幅広い株主に分散している中でマネジメント対案を提示することはコストメリットが合わず、株式売却による退出という形で緩やかな株価低下にはつながる。(意見を言わないエクイティガバナンス)

    • しかしながら、預貸ギャップを抱える銀行にとっては、人件費削減により安定キャッシュフローは見えているためファイナンスすることは可能であり、資金がつながる以上そのため当該企業の市場からの退出は進まず、価格低減による過当競争の構造が維持されてしまう。(デット・ガバナンスの不全)

    • 銀行間の貸し出し競争(オーバーバンキング)とゼロ金利政策の維持により、企業の金利負担は低いまま維持され、市場退出のプレッシャーは弱いまま残存する。(ゼロ金利政策の裏側)

    • そのような供給超過構造が10年以上維持され、民間需要減≒企業収益悪化による投資減+雇用報酬減による消費減+少子高齢化に伴う消費減、の中でGDP規模を維持するために政府支出が拡張され、結果として積み上がった債務が、長期金利を低く維持する政策へのインセンティブとなってしまう。(政府インセンティブの変化)



    3 Feb 2013

    Financial Times MBA ranking 2013


    このブログで取り上げた記憶のある単年MBAを中心とした欧州系6校(LBS, Cambridge, Oxford, IMD, INSEAD, IE)だけをピックアップすると、
    4位:London Business School(3年平均だと3位)
    11位:IE Business School(同9位)

    全くの余談ですが、The Economistの直近のランキングは、私が世界ビジネススクール情勢を知らない可能性も高いですが、こんなに違うか?と評価方法を疑問に思うくらい違います。まあ、ランキングなんてrating agencyのようなもので、それを信じて高い買い物をするとエラい目にあったりするわけで、マスの傾向値として参考程度に眺めておいて、あくまで最後はファカルティやクラスメイトとの相性も含めた自分のガッツフィーリングに頼るのが正道だと思っています。

    16 Jan 2013




    ただし、いわゆる経営分析フレームワークは古典的な、歴史の検証を経たもの(3C,SWAT,PEST,5 Forces)に留めており説明やサブ概念の定義も他ビジネス書籍よりもさらっとした扱いになっているので、その点は別書籍を参照した方がよさそうです。







    Oxford応募延期(2nd: 1月⇒3rd: 3月)





    1 Jan 2013


    Work: to deepen leaning on finance and turnaround so that I can manage to handle those issues

    Private: to pass MBA admissions (hopefully top-tier schools in Europe)
    →とりあえず1st roundで出した英国の某ビジネススクールからはオファーがもらえたのでgood、あと数校の結果を待ってどこに行くか最終決定する予定です◎


    Work: to deepen learning on economics, especially political economics, so that I can discuss with the specialists

    Private: to determine which way I will pursue after my graduation of an MBA course