6 Mar 2014

Final assignments in Lent about to be done

Now is 4:30 am, when I am now at the peak of busiest weeks, polishing up the essay for Philosophy in Business.

I argued in the paper that what is 'social responsibility' of a business fundamentally and implications in the modern context of businesses. This has been fun to struggle with very philosophical questions such as what is responsibility and can a business be responsible etc.

On top, my team will have a presentation for Strategic Pricing, where we for the first time used conjoint analysis to assess various packages of a charity event. It was also fun to use the most updated on-line tool.
It is still beta version as of today, but adequate enough for simple choice-based conjoint (CBC).

After tomorrow (actually today), I can focus on:
  • Preparation of three exams, namely Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy in a actual order of timing/date
  • Update of financial projection of the entrepreneurial project
  • Initial cumulative research phase of our Global Consulting Project (GCP)
The Cambridge Phenomenon as preparation for our GCP

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