18 Mar 2014

Failure forces me to think over.

I failed to get a place in the MPhil ISO (Innovation, Strategy, Organisation) course at Judge Business School.

Presumably, it must have been the result of my bad, in the Cambridge standard, GPA in my undergraduate degree in Japan. Had I studied very hard in that period, however, I would not have ended up coming and living here. Putting differently, I would have never considered working or living abroad, had I not encountered the international experiences I had in the four years of my most sensitive time in my life, which was in the end at the expense of the university grades.

If I were asked to choose between the trade-off again, I still would say I would take the current choice, which gave me international exposure, management failures (and some success, maybe), and a few but lifelong friends, all of which shaped my career and life so far after the graduation.

No Pain, No Gain. Move on.
The River Cam

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