20 Apr 2014

Unlearn to learn

Why do I have to unlearn?

Because it would give me adequate space in my mind to absorb new behaviours and attitudes that could be beneficial to my next step, which should be a quantum leap, not a continuous improvement from now. I don't say that what I've learnt becomes useless, but I have a gut feeling that it would become more or less irrelevant to my performance in a higher level going forward.

I know I can manage to do well just as a manager, or as an employee who is used by the boss. But what I want to pursue is more like an independent professional with a strong expertise in a certain field where I can be best in class, ideally worldwide. Yes, positioning (where to compete) would be definitely important, but also the capabilities, or combinations of what I know, how I conduct, and whom I leverage, should be aligned to the positioning.

Unlearning should follow steps of identification, reduction, and elimination:
  1. identify what I am good at;
  2. reduce the time on what I am good at while improving my performance;
  3. eliminate some actions which I am good at while maintaining my performance; and
  4. then get used to my new habits. 
To do so, I would say being an MBA candidate is not too bad, because I can try new stuff in less risky environment such as group discussions for assignments and the entrepreneurial project I am working on for months. For me, this MBA is a part of unlearning to learn more.

Obviously learning...

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