30 Apr 2014

Talks/Seminars/Conferences around Cambridge in April 2014

The Weekend Programme by Accelerate Cambridge, an accelerator founded in Judge Business School, was one of the best training course ever I've taken in Cambridge. What a generous programme, they put presentations in their website here. The lecturer for the two days, Simon, was a very nice person and practically very insightful indeed. I shouldn't explain its details with the NDA contracted, yet this is highly recommended to entrepreneurs.

A night at St Edmund's College, Cambridge

On the other hand, this activity got very slow in April unfortunately because
  1. The first half of the month was too busy on finalising the GCP presentation;
  2. The following one week was spent to get recovered from the exhausted mind and finish the GCP report again; and
  3. The last week was focused on submitting the application to LSE for MPhil/PhD in Management (Business Economics).
However complaining a bit, the experience through the GCP was one of my memorable one in my life of Cambridge MBA. I even found a new side of myself saying a lot of 'whatever' 'I don't care'; I was never described 'offensive' until this project.

Full list
  • #75 The impact of mobile technologies on healthcare ++++
  • #76 Self-Assembling Molecular Structures, Novel molecular structures and materials +++
  • #77 ETECH inventor's pitch +++
  • #78 Accelerate Cambridge Weekend Programme (shouldn't be disclosed further due to the NDA) +++++

20 Apr 2014

Unlearn to learn

Why do I have to unlearn?

Because it would give me adequate space in my mind to absorb new behaviours and attitudes that could be beneficial to my next step, which should be a quantum leap, not a continuous improvement from now. I don't say that what I've learnt becomes useless, but I have a gut feeling that it would become more or less irrelevant to my performance in a higher level going forward.

I know I can manage to do well just as a manager, or as an employee who is used by the boss. But what I want to pursue is more like an independent professional with a strong expertise in a certain field where I can be best in class, ideally worldwide. Yes, positioning (where to compete) would be definitely important, but also the capabilities, or combinations of what I know, how I conduct, and whom I leverage, should be aligned to the positioning.

Unlearning should follow steps of identification, reduction, and elimination:
  1. identify what I am good at;
  2. reduce the time on what I am good at while improving my performance;
  3. eliminate some actions which I am good at while maintaining my performance; and
  4. then get used to my new habits. 
To do so, I would say being an MBA candidate is not too bad, because I can try new stuff in less risky environment such as group discussions for assignments and the entrepreneurial project I am working on for months. For me, this MBA is a part of unlearning to learn more.

Obviously learning...