23 Oct 2014

Most useful tags in HTML

A memo from Tech Society session; most useful tags in HTML:

  • <a> link to other pages etc
  • <link> link to an external style sheet
  • <ol> ordered list
  • <ul> unordered list
  • <li> each bullet in the list
  • <p> paragraph
  • <div> division
  • <img> load an image
  • <script> use other languages such as Javascript
  • <form> declare a form such as to send information
  • <input> an input for a form

8 Oct 2014

talks.cam is one of the best tools to find peculiar scientific talks in Cambridge

Thanks to talk.cam, I joined a lot of talks on scientific talks. This is highly recommended to those who want to join a lot of talks in different colleges in Cambridge, or even when you are fed up with your course readings. You will get new ideas of the world, or even may encounter an entrepreneurial opportunity.

How easy to register? Very and actually open to everyone, not exclusive to Cambridge studetns. Just make your own list from here and subscribe it via ical/vcal in the list page: http://talks.cam.ac.uk/list/new
and add talks you find interesting through the search engine: http://talks.cam.ac.uk/search
and/or add (Like Follow in Twitter) other's list. For example, I've followed:

Cambridge is definitely a cluster of creativity.