8 Nov 2012

LBS 1st round interview invited!!

1st round interviewに招待されました。今月後半に行われるようです。


というわけで、いろいろ見つけたインタビュー対策ページのうち有用そうなものを張り付けておきます。まあ、基本be myselfが一番大事だと思うので、下手にテクニックには走りませんが。


Interview Questions

1. Why MBA, why now?
2. Why LBS over other B-schools listed in the application?
3. Given examples of incidents when you formed your own teams. How did you go about forming those teams?
4. What do your subordinates think about you?
5. How will you manage expenses/finances? (Particularly relevant if you choose to be an entrepreneur after B-school)
6. Growth among EU countries. Which ones are growing faster and slower vs. average, and why?
7. Wikileaks. What is it? Do you support it?
8. Explain a typical day in your job. 
9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
10. What would you do if you had $10 million?
11. Professional failure/setback?
12. What will you bring to your first year group study?
13. What will you bring culturally as well as techinically?
14. Any issues when working with diverse international teammates?
15. Presentation- A topic is given with 5 minutes to prepare.
16. What do you think are the development areas in your communication skills? How do you plan to improve them? (This normally comes after a 5-minute presentation)
17. Why have you made the career choices you have?
18. What other schools you are applying to? Where does LBS stand?
19. What would you change about your company's strategy for the future?
20. What distinguishes you from all other MBA applicants?
21. Example of when somebody on your team frustrated you and how you dealt with it
22. What is the difference between a born leader and a manager? Who do you admire as a leader?
23. What characteristics should a successful business leader have?
24. Imagine that some people in your study group are not contributing enough and your talk to them didn't help. What would you do next? How would you handle it? How would you feel?


London Business School MBA Admission Interview Tips

Interview Schedule

25 minutes - Interviewer asks questions10 minutes - Presentation by the interviewer on a topic5 minutes - Interviewee has to prepare a 3 minutes presentation on the topic5-10 minutes - Presentation10-20 minutes - Q &A by Interviewee

Key Questions

1) What would your peers say about you?2) Are you a creative person? 3) Do you see yourself as an internalized or externalized person?4) What are the main characteristics of a leader? 5) What was the most difficult obstacle you overcame?6) Tell me about your leadership experiences. 7) Have you ever lead a team?8) How do you manage your team? 9) Did you ever face a problem with a client? How did you handle it?10) What is the method you use to persuade people?11) How are your communication skills? (For international candidates)12) Give me an example of something that really disappointed you (failure)13) How would you rate your teamwork skills? 14) What are your hobbies?15) What achievements are you most proud of? 16) Why LBS? 17) Are you applying to other schools? 18) Walk me through your CV?19) What do you want to do after the MBA?20) Since you also applied to other schools, how will you decide which school to go to?

Process behind preparing Questions

LBS sends out a set of questions, divided into categories,to the interviewers.
Motivation - 10 Questions
Leadership - 10 Questions
Team Work - 10 Questions
Maturity - 10 Questions
Communication - 10 Questions

The interviewer then picks the question from each category and based on your unique experience (mentioned in the resume), the interviewer adds appropriate questions for you.

Tip 1: Use "London Business School" instead of LBS when you are communicating with the officials
Tip 2: For the presentation, the AdCom wants to test your communication and persuasion skills. They also want to see how your process information and infer arguments. So select random topics and practice giving presentation on all aspects of the topic.

Tip 3: After you prepare the answers for the school specific questions, go through your resume. Prepare 10-15 questions related to your resume that can test the following traits:
Tip 3: After you prepare the answers for the school specific questions, go through your resume. Prepare 10-15 questions related to your resume that can test the following traits:
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Maturity
  • Communication

Tip 4: Prepare

Tip 5: Don’t repeat what you have already written in the essays. Prepare for at least 4-5 stories that you can present in the interview.

Tip 6: Be yourself {after all the preparation how can you be yourself right? :) } Don't give the impression that you had prepared for this interview. 

余談ですが、いろいろ調べていると、McKinsey(Global)のRecruiting pageに、他のtop MBA同様にLBS専用のページがあったりするもんなんですね。

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