31 May 2014

Talks/Seminars/Conferences around Cambridge in May 2014

This month was rich in contents. Yet I pick up the most inspiring one as 'The Ageing Brain', which emphasised so much that our brain and mind cannot be separately treated; something good for the body is likely to be good to the brain.
'The Ageing Brain' at A Pint of Science 2014, Cambridge

Also I really enjoyed 'Climate Change and Conspiracy Theory', where the confronting situation is similar to that in the controversial public discourse on nuclear generation in Japan. Also, 'Undoing Ageing with Regenerative Medicine', through avoiding or reducing damages to cells and after all replacing cells, surprisingly sounded rational approach, at least to me.

I counted #96, the target of one hundred talks is almost there!!

Full list (sub bullet points suggest they are less than 45 minutes)
  • #79: Strategic interaction and networks ++++
  • #80: Which club should I attend, dad? A model of inculturation, socialization and human capital acquisition ++
  • #81: Gossip and the identification of central individuals in networks ++++
  • #82: Estimation of Social Interaction Models with Multiple Equilibria ++
  • #83: Networks of military alliances, wars, and international trade +++
  • #84: R&D Networks: Theory, empirics and policy implications +++
Note that #79-#84 are parts of one-day workshop on Microeconomic Applications of Social Networks Analysis. This helped me understand how networks analysis can be applied in analysis of microeconomic issues. 
  • #85: The Innovation Economy: What it is/Where it is +++++
  • #86: (MBA) From high tech medicine to high impact health care by Dr. Lisa Drakeman (the former CEO of Genmab) ++++
  • #87: Accelerate Cambridge - Pitch with Impact +++
  • #88: A day at the races: some common 'illusions' in gambling behaviour ++++
  • #89: TEDxOxbridge - Leaps and Boundaries +++ (mention worthwhile talks only)
    • Confessions of a Passionate Introvert ++++
    • The Economics of Enough ++++
    • Undoing Ageing with Regenerative Medicine +++++
  • #90: CERF (Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance) Cavalcade ++++
    • The mystery of the printing press +++
    • Early Critique of Inflation-Targeting ++
    • Closed End Funds and Limits to Arbitrage in Emerging Markets ++++
    • Endowment Investing Over the Very Long Run ++++
    • How does local bias evolve? ++++
  • #91: Keynes Fund for Applied Economics 1st Research Day +++
    • Trading in Networks: theory and experiments ++
    • Social network structure and economic outcomes: An investigation using online experiments
    •  ++++
    • Banking Crises and Economic Recoveries +++
    • Circuit Breakers on the London Stock Exchange: Do they improve subsequent market quality? ++++
    • On the Formulation of ARCH in Mean Models ++
    • Winning the Oil Lottery: The Impact of Natural Resource Extraction on Growth +++
    • Walk the Line: Conflict, State Capacity and the Political Dynamics of Reform ++++
  • #92: Climate Change and Conspiracy Theory +++++
  • #93: A Pint of Science - the Ageing Brain +++++
    • The Ageing Brain +++++
    • Repairing Ageing Brains +++++
    •  Gut-brain interaction in normal ageing and neurodegeneration ++++
  • #94: A Pint of Science - Modifying Memories ++++
  • #95: Implementing Lean Start Up +++
  • #96: Climate KIC Introduction Event +++

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