21 Nov 2013

A few key words for stepping into 2014

I came up with some keywords for further steps in next year:
  • Neuroscience: my mind is more than my brain, and cannot be detached from my bloody body.
  • Network theory: small-worldness is a effective way to see the world to control a desirable change. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: people's ideas will be soon combined with information flows over computers.
  • Limits of language: the limits do not necessarily mean the boundary of my world.
  • Contradictory, the power of a word: how a word can spell a blessing or curse on the life of a person.
What I have found myself NOT in favour of any more:
  • Any project mostly based on way outside demand, unfortunately it is usually called "the client".
  • Too theoretical economic/management theories, with tons of equations to prove the bloody apparent facts if you work in the real world, or with superficial understanding of the complexity of every individual workers.
  • "Social enterprises" which just covertly makes entrepreneurs to be less rich or to be exploited by super-rich guys who built foundation.
In a nutshell, I am interested in how people are, effectively or ineffectively, interlinked and organised with each other.

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