1 Dec 2013

Finally December...yet almost only one week to go!!

Only one week to go. To-dos of this week (on top of usual dull lectures) are to
  • Crack past exams of Accounting and Corporate Finance, to raise questions to lectures;
  • Apply to i-Teams 2014 Lent on Commercialising a point-of-care blood testing system;
  • Learn from Neuroscience Clash Course;
  • Join the Global Healthcare Conference at LBS;
  • Enjoy Cambridge Corn Exchange: FOUR SEASONS BY CANDLELIGHT;
  • Decide the next Lent term electives: candidates are Philosophy in Business, Strategic Pricing, The International Film Business, and Strategic Performance Management; 
  • Submit the assignment of Organizational Behaviour, by polishing other team members' work;
  • Enjoy Christmas Dinner at St. Edmund's College;
  • Submit application to Kellogg Biotech & Healthcare Case Competition;
  • Finalize presentations of Cambridge Venture Project and another entrepreneurial project; and
  • Initiate the essay for Management Practice, at least 250 words;
Wow, surprisingly a lot to do for next week. I have to be intentionally productive and efficient then.
On the contrary, to-dos for the next week from 9th Dec are not many, including:
  • Conduct aforementioned presentations (mentioned above);
  • Reach out leads for Global Consulting Project in Lent term;
  • Finalize the essay for Management Practice, up to 2,500 words (a lot more to mention); and
  • Prepare for the in-class group exam of Management Science (Easy!).

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