1 Jul 2014

Half-year reflection of 2014 Targets and its revision

The first half of 2014 is over; now is the time for self-reflection. Looking back what I've promised as 2014 Targets,
  1. Grow peppermint: tried but unfortunately eaten by snails... (50%)
  2. Practice golfing: went two games, with the best score of 154 (75%)
  3. Complete the Cambridge MBA course: obtained the Lent term average mark of slightly over 70, largely thanks to the efforts made for the Global Consulting Project (80%; yet final marks are to be confirmed within a few months) 
  4. Write its final dissertation among economics, corporate governance, and network theory: this should be completed in the coming months [TBD]
  5. Confirm a place on MPhil in behavioural science, social science, or economics: still waiting; this should have been confirmed by the end of June [TBD]
  6. Draft a story of Science Fiction in my native tongue: nothing progressed (0%)
Overall, the Lent term plus GCP (Jan - Apr) was the time of studying hard, and finally the Easter term with many electives gave me room for doing other stuff.

My revised goals for the 2H 2014 are:
  1. Keep exercise every week, possibly golfing and swimming; 
  2. Complete the Cambridge MBA with writing up the final dissertation on 'innovation and corporate governance' (with the aim of achieving the Best MBA Dissertation Award);
  3. Confirm a place, likely in London, for researching management in the UK while working on the entrepreneurial project with the guys from the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge;
  4. Draft a story of Science Fiction.
Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK

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