31 Oct 2013

Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in October 2013

"Boosting the brain: how far should we go?" at Queen's Building Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College
The best of this month was  #007 Boosting the brain: how far should we go?: my key takeaway is that it is hard to differentiate technology and medicine from a perspective of enhancement of our capabilities.

The second best was #001 Beating the Odds: Growing Biobusinesses Today: my key takeaway is that her/his spike in one area, neither her/his capability nor communication, makes her/him inspiring. In other words, the integrity between who and what is important.

The full list of talks/seminars:

  • #001 Beating the Odds: Growing Biobusinesses Today +++++
  • #002 Forward genetic screening using patient CML cells identifies IKAROS as a myeloid tumour suppressor ++
  • #003 Paying for Improved Electricity Services in Developing Countries: Any Role for Previous Mitigation Action +++
  • #004 Unfriendly Creditors: Board Independence Increases after Loan Covenant Violations ++
  • #005 Planetary Boundaries: Ecological Foundations for Corporate Sustainability +++
  • #006 Is social equality necessary for development? ++++
  • #007 Boosting the brain: how far should we go? ++++
  • #008 Do the limits of my language mean the borders of my world? ++++
  • #009 Off the edge of history: the world in the 21st century +
  • #010 How to make smart decisions in a confusing world ++++
  • #011 Can Europe reproduce itself? Debating Europe’s fertility ++++
  • #012 THB research is better done in industry ++
  • #013 European budgetary politics, a Parliamentary Paradox? +++
  • #014 Cambridge Medical Frontiers: The history and future of the genome +++++
  • #015 ‘Voices Prophesying War’: Future War 1914-2014 +++
  • #016 James Mullinger presents … the man with no shame ++++
  • #017 Quantum frontiers +++++
  • #018 The EU’s foreign policy and soft power: too soft, and too little? — A talk by Professor Christopher Hill +++

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