8 Dec 2013

The end of Full Term...now four assignments to go!!

This Friday was the final day of Full Term in Michaelmas...not much sentiment as I still have four assignments to go within 10 days:

  • Conduct the final presentation of Cambridge Venture Project 
  • Conduct the in-trim presentation of i-Teams Plus
  • Complete the essay for Management Practice; and
  • Crack the in-class group exam of Management Science.

  • What's more, I have to start preparing for a fruitful next year, namely:

  • Reach out leads for Global Consulting Project in Lent term;
  • Prepare for the examinations in January: Accounting II, Corporate Finance, Organizational Behaviour; and
  • Initiate preparatory actions for the application of another master course in social science: 

    1. Contact a few professors at Judge; 
    2. Seek related academic opportunities in/out Cambridge; 
    3. Consult with senior mentors on this choice 
    4. Prepare hypothetical thoughts on the subject for the summer dissertation and check research already completed in the past.
    The last point is quite crucial in a sense to go for the future. The winter vacation should not be so easy. :-p 

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