27 Sep 2007

As Marvin said...

As Marvin Bower said:

"We are what we speak--it defines us--it is our image.We don't have customers, we have clients.We don't serve within an industry, we are a profession.We are not a company, we are not a business. We are a firm.We don't have employes, we have firm members and colleagueswho have individual dignity.We don't have business plans, we have aspirations.We don't have rules, we have values.We are management consultants only. We are not managers,promoters, or constructors."

A value-based organization should select, by nature, people to join or not by their personalities, i.e. values. It might sound severe, however this is the right way to be a "great" organization, according to the
book "Good to Great" by James C. Collins.

But, when it forgets or ignore its values, I think, is the beginning point to collapse. To build an enduring organization, the key for top managements therefore should be live its values. It's really what is
easy to say but hard to do.

Then, what do I believe in?
That is the question I need to find my own answer.

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