9 Sep 2014

Six key entrepreneurial opportunities in Cambridge

Three very important, at least to me, communities you should try all if you pursue entrepreneurial course and three more stimulating events for networking.

Opportunities to work as a team:

i-Teams: every term (Michaelmas, Lent, Easter) 3-4 teams of 5-6 postgraduate students each are formed to develop a strategy on how to commercialise a cutting-edge technology that is developed in Cambridge. This was where I met the inventor and my co-founders. The final presentations are open to the public, and thus there comes local angeles. Note that you have to go through the application process with submitting your CV and cover letter.

CUE (Cambridge University Entrepreneurs): there are famous £100, £1K, £10K competitions for which entrepreneurs try their ideas, business concepts, and business plans. These competition allow entrepreneurs to make a good pace of developing an idea into a solid business plan. You may submit an idea as an individual, but for business concept and plan you will need a team.

Accelerate Cambridge: even it is quite new to the history of Judge Business School, the accelerator has gained good attention among entrepreneurs. Theirs training sessions as well as free coachings have been quite helpful to get start-ups in very early phase. They may provide a seed funding up to £20K. This is not open to everyone as you have to pass an interview by the coordinator.

Opportunities to join exciting talks and discussions:

CUTEC (Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club): its Technology Venture Conference is one of the biggest tech and entrepreneurial events in Cambridge. As ARM is the main sponsor of this club, there should be a talk by Hermann Hauser (ARM co-founder), which I highly recommend to join if any.

Silicon Valley Comes to UK: this holds a three-day event where entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from Silicon Valley conduct a bunch of talks and sessions for entrepreneurs as well as students in Cambridge and London.

Innovation Forum: it was new to Cambridge last year. The one-day event was interesting and a good opportunity for networking.

The Cambridge Phenomenon: a great guidebook to understand the Cambridge cluster further in depth.

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