28 Feb 2014

Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in February 2014

'The 6 waves of computing' by Dr.Hauser, the founder of Acorn Computer and ARM, was the fur most inspirational talk this month. The idea of 'evidence engine' was really science-fictional and thus amazing to me. This quality is the one Cambridge MBA 'leadership talks' should have provided.

The Evidence Engine in a flip chart
The second best talks were actually two: 'Sex and the brain (in fruit fly!!)' for its astonishingly clear communication and presentation and 'Behavioural Economics and Conflicts of Interest' for its stimulating results of experiments on the effects of information disclosure.

Full List
  • #52 The dinosaur Iguanodon - palaeoecology in action ++++
  • #52 Fresh Approach to Composition +++
  • #54 The turmoil in the Euro Zone: how might the fiscal and debt impasse be resolved and what would the effect be on the UK? ++++
  • #55 CUE £1K Award Ceremony ++
  • #56 Addenbrookes Hospital Trek with Healthcare SIG ++++
  • #57 Cambridge Union Society: This House Regrets the Arab Spring ++++
  • #58 Academic English Seminar - how to write the exemplary dissertation +++
  • #59 Are entrepreneurs made or born? ++++
  • #60 What is design thinking? ++
  • #61 What Investors Want (Jack Lang) +++++
  • #62 Behavioural Economics and Conflicts of Interest +++++
  • #63 Sex and the brain (in fruit fly!!) +++++
  • #64 Achieving sustainable growth through entrepreneurship / The 6 waves of computing (Dr.Hauser, the founder of Acorn Computer and ARM) ++++++
  • #65 Accelerate Cambridge meeting

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