19 Jun 2014

A Sound Mind in A Sound Body

This is inspired by the talk at A Pint of Science on the Aging Brain.
A Pint of Science 2014, Cambridge

As aging, cognitive functions of the brain (e.g. attention, working-memory, long-term memory, and information the processing speed) inevitably decline; however there's always hope of improving vocabulary and world knowledge, or wisdom. What's more, the ability of learning and remembering new skills can be kept well into a person's 70's and 80s. The elderly can outperform where wisdom and rhetoric work.

Interestingly, to maintain a healthy brain and a fit mind, it is important to:
  1. eat a well-balanced diet;
  2. exercise physically; and
  3. use your brain for solving new problems, out of your comfort zone.
This is actually 'A Sound Mind in A Sound Body.' as an old philosopher said. That's why I've started practicing golfing.


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