1 Feb 2014

Talks/seminars/conferences around Cambridge in January 2014

Not much progress in this regards as first two weeks were just about exams and afterwards I have been busy with Kellogg Competition and occupied considering the next step, or another master degree.

Recommended books regarding behavioural economics

The full list of talks/seminars:
  • #046 MBA Leadership Talk "The third eye", with Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather UK ++++
  • #047 Do you like what you see? ++++
  • #048 Exploring the History of Mars by Curiosity ++++
  • #049 Behavioural Science Reading Group: Behavioral Economics and Marketing in Aid of Decision Making among the Poor +++
  • #050  MBA Leadership Talk "Leadership: the different challenges of hostile and benign environments", with Edward Chaplin Former Ambassador to Iraq and Italy ++
  • #051 Behavioural Finance: "From Biases to Bubbles", the magic of behavioural economics ++++

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