26 Feb 2014

This Feburary has been too busy to blog

Some said this Lent term is more busy than Michaelmas, yes they were absolutely right. Especially, these two weeks are hectic way too much even for me, such as

  • Applied for MPhil course at JBS;
  • Visited a factory tour of a specialised printer manufacturer;
  • Visited LSE for considering MSc/MPhil course;
  • Joined Oxford/Cambridge Entrepreneurship Day (partially);
  • Completed four assignments:
    • Group one for Marketing;
    • Individual one for Strategic Pricing;
    • Group and individual ones for Cost Management and Control; and
  • Confirmed Global Consulting Project for an oncology cluster, which was my first choice luckly; initiated the Project Initiation Document (so called PID), conducted a few initial meetings and interviews.

What's more I will have to do by next Thursday (i.e. only within a week, not this Thursday):

  • Complete four assignments:
    • Individual exam and group presentation (on conjoint analysis) for Strategic Pricing;
    • Group observation note for Operations Management;
    • Individual essay of 2-2.5K words for Philosophy in Business (2-2.5k words essay);
  • Update the financial projection of our entrepreneurial project on "hydrogen sponge"; and
  • Finalize the chapter for "lost decades" project.
...and just after that, three exams on Marketing, Strategy, and Operations Management are awaiting. After the exam, we will start the Global Consulting Project for four weeks until 11th April.

What a exciting and hectic term of Lent at Cambridge MBA (and so forth).

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