28 Jan 2015

Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2015

Cambridge is overall ranked 3rd among major one-year MBA programmes, after INSEAD and IE as IMD drops its position this year; what's more, it has ranked at 4th for Value for Money and 5th for Aims Achieved among all the b-schools ; not too bad apart from the fact that Recommendation from Alumni still lags behind as 39th.

In a nutshell, obtaining Cambridge MBA will help you achieve your aims for what you pay, yet your opportunity of being recruited might not be widened significantly just by the fact your CV has a Cambridge MBA stamp.

(for the graphical purpose, all ranks below are put in minus; rank figures are among all the MBA programmes)

The overall rank for Cambridge Judge Business School in 2015 is improved to 13th, compared to 16th in last two years; this is third, if you compare among major one-year MBA programmes.

Its Value for Money rank has improved from 7th in 2014 to 4th, which is next to IMD as 3rd rank.

Moreover, the Aims Achieved rank went beyond IMD again, and got ranked 5th among all the MBA programmes.

However, the Recommendation from Alumni rank shows great room for improvement, despite a jump from 47th in last two years to 39th.

Note that Aims Achieve rank in 2015 is just ranked by sorting the percentage figure of each school as no rank is disclosed yet; even if two schools have the same percentage figure, the school that is showed upper is ranked one higher here. Those ranks are disclosed in 2013 and 2014, so there might be update in the near future.

Sources: Financial Times

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